The Indian Diaries – Misty Mornings

Waking up to foggy mornings

Like waking up in the clouds.

The misty smell makes me feel alive

The dew drops on the leaves are a sight for the eyes.

Everything is partially visible

like the paths of my life.

My fingers are numb from the cold

I can hardly taste anything on ma tongue.

I love making fog circles – like smoking out every doubt inside

The chilling breeze has numb my brain

And my thoughts dance without music in my brain.

Every year I come down to this core,

To wake up to the misty mornings, once more.


7 thoughts on “The Indian Diaries – Misty Mornings

  1. Beautiful… took me back to waking up in a tent under open sky open on a late spring night and waking up to dawn mild dew and opening the tent door further to let mist and sun in to shine upon a smiling some one..

    God!! ddls why do you write this stuff!! Its just so beautiful!! muah!

    • wen I read ur comment, I imagined campin over a hill even thou I haven’t done that..I say u should get back to writin Mr. 🙂

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