Presence in Absence

Thou I have nothing against u,
I have it all…all I ever wanted
Yet there is a longing,
That I wasn’t aware off before.
Who is this hiding inside me?
watching me…
Never before was the mirror so beautiful.
Thou I have nothing against u,
Yet there is a longing.
The rays of the sun, like d beaded pearls,
were never so bright before
And never before was the moonlight so ambrosial.
The spring was green but never so green before,
I hear the singing of the flowers and the leaves
And the applause by the bees.
Never before have I seen the mystic dance by the branches of the trees,
Never before have I heard silences the way I do now.
Thou I have nothing against u,
Yet there is a longing
That I wasn’t aware off before.

*inspired by jaane kya baat hui.


The Indian Diaries – Misty Mornings

Waking up to foggy mornings

Like waking up in the clouds.

The misty smell makes me feel alive

The dew drops on the leaves are a sight for the eyes.

Everything is partially visible

like the paths of my life.

My fingers are numb from the cold

I can hardly taste anything on ma tongue.

I love making fog circles – like smoking out every doubt inside

The chilling breeze has numb my brain

And my thoughts dance without music in my brain.

Every year I come down to this core,

To wake up to the misty mornings, once more.

Me & My Moon

For the nights I’ve laid awake with you

Confessing into ur ears,

Nights I whispered my fears to you

Holding close my comforter.

The nights ur presence made my world so small

As u held my love, who’s so close, yet so far.

For the nights I gazed into ur eyes, contemplating life

To the nights I slept under ur subtle light.

From digging the past to dreaming the future

For letting out a sigh, for the heartaches I suffered.

Here I am, laying awake waiting for you

For I have secrets to share, but where are you?

The Hub

Its where I grew up as me,
Its the place that welcomed VIP’s
It was a hub of activities,
A Place-To-Be
It was my room,
loaded with privacy.

It where we ate, we drank, and we laughed,
Its where everyone got dressed
& fought for their mirror’s half,
It was where the phone nd music never stopped
Prolly why we missed class after class?

Its where I got my first kiss,
Its where I realized; Wa luv really is?
Its where my heart broke a thousand pieces
Its where I packed my bags and left for studies.

Once again I’m in this room
I heart it all, I c it thru.
A flash of moments run thru ma mind,
like life captured in images of black nd white

It was a Place-To-Be,
Loaded with privacy
My room, the hub of activities.