This year I will…

So what is your New Year resolution?

For starters, I hate this question. I think it’s taken more as a competition then a declaration. Also, I don’t usually like the tone in which the question is asked. And lastly, I am not surprised by the people who ask me that question. I don’t expect anything less from them.

I don’t have anything against resolutions- really, I don’t! I just don’t believe you need to wait for the start of the year to change yourself. People make grand resolutions on the first day of the year and by the third day they forget all about them.

What I find most amusing is people take up resolutions so that they can prove to others they did something (like going green for saving the environment). The mere point of the resolution is to fit in the “I am part of the solution not the problem” club. My problem here is not the resolution itself but the intention of the resolution.

However, I like when people pick up resolutions towards a healthier lifestyle (eating right, drinking less, quit smoking types). But why wait for the start of the year for that. We should work on this all year along, no? At least people are focusing on themselves while making such resolutions. That’s better than being a part of some imperceptible smug club.

This year I hope you go a level deeper than your outer self. How about taking the inner journey and focusing on your inner-self? Now I am not asking you to go to a shrink and talk your heart out or take up yoga (now ntg is wrong with yoga-let me finish). All I am asking is to pay a little attention to the unconscious side of your consciousness.

How about listening to your heart this year?

How about being less pessimistic this year?

How about reading more books this year?

How about being less stressful about useless things this year?

How about picking up that passion you gave up coz u got so busy with…life? A close friend has taught me that you should never give up on your passion coz if you do you might achieve everything in life that you gave up that passion for but you’ll be left with a hole in your heart. Whether it is art, music, writing, baking-whatever it is-don’t give it up!

So today if you have a resolution to spare (like the spare change you give to the charity), I encourage you to listen to your heart and follow it boldly and fearlessly.

As for me, I took the inner journey and started listening to my heart and life has changed ever since.


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