Ziba nd I

She’s stylish, she’s smart, she’s sexy, and she’s brilliant. Yes am talking about Ziba! Anyone who knows me knows about Ziba. And those who don’t- well, u knw where u are in my books then. She is my baby and I get deeply offended when ppl don’t ask me how is ziba ever once in a while. Sometimes, they (emotionally nd technologically challenged ppl) often ask me what does Ziba mean and how come she is a she? Or worse yet they say- Its just a notebook! Oh they get in trouble I tell u that. Before I go on to answer their questions- they get a look from me. Yes, you know that look. So I decided I should get the facts straighten out once and for all- Ziba means Beautiful in Persian and anything that is hawwt, smart, sexy, and intelligent can only be a woman! And no its not JUST a notebook.

There is more then that to Ziba- She’s got a radiant yet warm personality. She captivates ur attention and indulges you into a magical world where you forget reality and are connected one-on-one with her. She’s skilled in stealing ur time without ur awareness and yet leaves u feeling satisfied in the most guilt-free way. She is quite advanced than her fellow kind and very talented as well. Oh did I mention she is a brilliant multi-tasker and a great entertainer?

She gets a little jealous when I dnt spend enough time with her or when I start talking about upcoming notebooks. She feels threatened somehow. One time I decided it would be nice for Ziba to meet her other kinds so I introduced her to a Mac. They didn’t last very long coz Ziba complained that he (the MAC) doesn’t run too long and isn’t stylish enough (ziba can rotate 180 degrees and can fold flat and is a Touchscreen) for her. She does have a lot of attitude coz of her features. So now she is happily single and looking for a suitable playbook. (An add on craigslist mite help?)

It will be almost one year next week since Ziba came into ma life and she already has a list of accessories she would like for her special day. In this one year Ziba and I had some great times together even when she threw random scans on me for not spending quality time with her- yet we make a happy duo.

-This ones for u Ziba
❤ ❤