I love cereals. From healthy ones with fiber content more than 3gms to not so healthy ones like Fruit loops that will make me extra sweet and keep my energy level to the roof. I can eat cereals for breakfast, dinner, I-dunno-wa-else-to-eat-times, and if that’s not all I think they make a great dessert too.

My absolute favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios (thou I love the new Oat Cluster Cheerios & Multi-Grain cheerios amongst others)

I have a cupboard devoted to my cereal boxes (no they are not arranged alphabetically- am not crazy you know!) When I started watching Seinfeld, a decade ago, I was elated to notice that I was not the only cereal fixated in the world. And since then I have great respect for Jerry Seinfeld. Possessing a marketing mastery, I have a keen eye on the boxes and its contents, knowing how the company is playing with the minds of customers using various marketing clichés. But I do admit all my business knowledge goes out of the window when I open the box and expertly open the off-white plastic bag and smell the contents with ‘aahhhh….’, which is usually followed by a handful taste checks, as if I suspect the contents inside.

If you are a close observer like me, you’ll notice that when you put milk in your cereals they always make a crackling sizzling sound. That’s sugar for you baby! Unfortunately, most people mess up with the milk/cereal ratio. It always amuses me that how some people can never get it straight. Making the rite bowl of cereals with the perfect milk/cereal ratio that makes rhythmic sounds-is an art! I also believe if you can listen to someone talk while your eating cereals then my friend you’ve waited too long to get to your bowl.

I know there will come a day when people will go out for cereals-like going out for drinks, coffee or pitas. I wonder what it would be like to own a place called ‘c-reals’z’ with cereals displayed in fine cylinder like glass containers (as in glass bar or assorted candies in the grocery store). You could order your own cereal-mix it and match it with your choice of milk (or perhaps Baileys: for those who like to live on the wild side) with add-ons like freshly cut fruits to dry nuts. Ok, I guess I may be on to something. I think am gonna stop writing about what could be a potential business plan. Also, all this cereal talk has made me very hungry. Excuse me; I think I need my bowl of ‘o’s. Cheerios for Cheerios!