Monsoon Rains!

Its time again for the rains, the monsoon rains. What is it that I love so much about the rains, I am not sure. Is it the rhythm of the rain drops falling on the surface, the smell of the wet soil, the clean up of the dirt on the roads, the urge to drink a nice cuppa tea, the different sounds the rain bring in different corners of the house, the breeze, the visit of the unwanted species that crawl their way through and about, the darkness that invades the house, the conversations of the clouds or the stillness of the time. No, I say to myself. There is more to why I love rains. Yes there is. I go back to deliberating on a lazy July afternoon accompanied with my favourite cuppa earl grey. Its funny how this tea is always around when am giving something a thought. I smile to myself, looking at my mug, ‘you my friend are my partner in sin’. Yes that’s what earl grey does to me. It makes me think. I have a habit of drifting from one topic to another in my thoughts; I believe it’s a psychological process to keep me sane.

Coming back to the topic of rains…ahhhh! I say to myself. Rains! I know why I love them. They bring thousand emotions with them. There are days when they make you feel oh so romantic and then there are days when you feel completely blue. They can take you to the highest of your highs and lowest of your lows. They can make you dance with them in a funny circular motion and they can make you believe, you’re truly alive. There are days when you reach out to touch the raindrops and you smile when they melt in your palms, MAGIC you think! They make you wanna go out for a long drive or hang out with loved ones or they can make you sit by the window and reflect on your life. Whatever the rain makes you wanna do in the end they do bring with them abundant emotions. Every time it rains, someone is in love, someone is lonely, someone is blue, someone is in a complete bliss, someone is crying with the sky and someone is raising his arms to thank god for the downpour. Everyone has a different reason. Everyone has a unique emotion.

As I write this I realize it’s a beautiful bright sunny day and I am thinking of the rain. Oh! How I wish it would rain today.