Are you _____?

It’s a question am asked often, so often that sometimes I feel I should include the answer to my middle name. This week it happened twice. Few days back a colleague (let’s call her ‘H’) comes to my desk and after the initial five minute chit-chat this is how the conversation went:

H: “…Are you French?”

Me: =) (this was my exact reaction)

After 4 precise seconds, “No I am not French”

H: “You don’t look like French but your accent and some of the pronunciation of words seems French.”

Me: “Ahun…reaaaally?”

She has the look on her face as if she is trying to figure it all out and is thinking out loud. So I give her time as I was very intrigued as to where she was going.

H: “Have you ever lived in U.K.”?

Me: =) (by now you must have realized this is my standard answer) “No, not lived but I’ve visited many times”

After few more minutes she gives upon her guessing game by throwing her hands in the air.

H: “Where are you from?”

Me: =) “I thought you’d never ask. I am from India”

H: “Noooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” (she was nodding and she couldn’t stand at one place)

Me: Smiling cheek to cheek… “well, yes I am. Believe it or not! But I must confess that’s the first time am hearing this one, French!.”

H: “But….but you don’t look Indian, your English is so good. You name is not Indian either. What part of India do you come from?”

After giving her some details I could tell she was totally blown away by the conversation. She claimed that she has always been good at figuring out the nationalities/origins (being Swedish has something to do with this) but she failed miserably in this one. Nevertheless, one could tell that she was exhausted and soon after I saw her going for her coffee break.

It never fails to surprise me what people might guess to my origin. I have had all kinds of guesses…Persian, Brazilian, Spanish, Iranian, Mexican, and the list goes on. The most hilarious part is when an Indian doesn’t believe am an Indian. They give out the most outrageous and unbelievable expressions when they hear that I am from India.

One of these days I was having a conversation with a Greek and was telling him how I love Greek food when an Indian sitting close by jumped when I said … “I am from India” she couldn’t believe her ears and went ‘oh get outta hereee… shutuppp… ur not Indian..u don’t look Indian at all”. She said this without realizing that she claimed to have heard our conversation by reacting the way she did. Funny thing is she had spent the entire evening with me without having a clue as to what I am.

Whatever it might be: the name, the hair, the accent, the face that confuses people so much when it comes to my origin, but somehow it always makes an interesting conversation. =)



The Magic of Pythagorean Theorem

It’s fascinating what Pythagorean Theorem can prove. Unlike the trigonometry or probability, I can actually use Pythagorean Theorem in my daily life to prove just about anything. For example I can prove that I am nocturnal with the help of this theorem. Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t believe me…Typical!

Pythagorean Theorem states: a2 + b2 = c2

Let’s assume:

a = coffee

b = extraordinary circadian rhythm (internal clock)

c = the subject being nocturnal

Allocating the values in the theorem:

2 cups of Coffee after 4pm + special internal clock = creature of the night

Hence, it’s proved that I am a nocturnal creature.

* Contests by coffee companies, irresistible books, social networking sites, endless chats, late nite movies and booze were not taken into consideration.

Confessions of a Food Junkie

My family knows how much I eat. My friends know how much I eat. And all those who have ever dined with me know how much I eat. I am used to the stares with open jaws and a silly smile, and questions like, “How come you’re always hungry?” or “If you eat so much how come you don’t put on weight?” and the list goes on.

I am a foodie. Period. For me, food, all sorts of food and cuisines, bring pleasure. I do not hog on to show my love for food and no I do not have an overactive digestive system either. I just love food – it indulges me in an absolute pleasure and it makes me feel as if all five of my senses are in chorus. I can’t think of another activity that can ignite all your senses, simultaneously. (ahem!)

I love not only the color but also the texture of the food. The smell of chicken biryani nicely garnished can send me to raptures, the texture of well set dahi (preferably in an earthenware pot) can lead me to a trance, and the site of souvlaki makes me drool to the ground. Let’s not even start with the seasonings or how cinnamon sticks can lead me to an absolute bliss. To me, the visual presentation of a dish is as important as the colour you choose to wear or not to wear. Come to think of it, I put more time in deciding what to eat then what to wear everyday.

I think about food constantly and when one meal is through I like to think if the next one would be as interesting. I feel sorry for those who multi-task when they are eating (reading, thinking a million things, talking on the phone, watching tv). They miss out on the simplest most fulfilling pleasure of the day. I hope next time you sit to eat you will pay more attention to how your senses are reacting to what your eating. Take a moment and relish what you devour. Its one hell of an experience once you’re aware.

Happy Feasting! =)